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What we do

What we do

Are you wondering about an issue you need help with? Let Serafina Abrams look at your birth chart and help guide you through the challenges in your chart by using your birth chart strengths. 

 Serafina also provides Reiki healing for physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. 

Applications are open for a free session in our Pay It Forward Program! Apply here by March 31, 2023:

My fine print: The club is always run with an honor system. We're not checking bank accounts to figure out who can't afford our services. We're putting good will out there and asking that applicants send it back to us, that's all. Someone wants to rip off the club? Well, that #badkarma's on them.person.

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Thanks for applying! If you're a winner we'll let you know by email!

How astrology can help

All services are done by phone or Zoom, not in person.

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with Serafina Abrams 

Astrology + Reiki Healing  

Astrological Healing  

Astrology can help you understand why things

are happening in your life and how to work with the energy you have now and in the future.  


Serafina Abrams has decades of self teaching, formal classes studying astrology, including with astrologer Anne Ortelee, and with astrologer Bhaskar Yogi while she was in India. She belongs to the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), the International Society for Astrological Research (ISARand the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). 

She has completed ISAR's training in Ethics and in Consulting Skills, and the International Academy of Astrology's Medical Astrology course. 


Reiki = healing energy

Reiki =

healing energy

Serafina Abrams also provides certified Reiki services.

Reiki is her way of giving you healing
energy for your issues and concerns. She also does Reiki on pets struggling with anxiety, behavior problems and other issues.

She can give you a Reiki treatment with an astrology reading or as its own session. 

Pay It Forward
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Pay It Forward Club

Every time you book a session with Astrological Healing, we will donate $10 toward an astrology reading or Reiki session to someone who can't afford it. Giving to those who have less is an investment in your karma. Maybe you've been that person who could have used it but couldn't afford it. A helping hand of energy work or an understanding of life's challenges might make a difference to someone who needs it. 

Pay It Forward is your chance to be big hearted. Join the club. No membership cards, no swag, just good karma for you.   

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**age 21 & older 

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